Rugby Betting

Rugby has become a popular sport the world over. Originating in the UK, the game spread to other parts of Europe before spilling over to Asia, Australia, and America. It has also found a foothold on the African continent, thus, growing even farther afield. However, the idea of betting on rugby is still new although many online casinos are alive in this field. You don’t even need to understand the many rules of rugby to start betting on rugby. Just a few simple concepts are enough. So long as you can tell which team has won, you are good to go.

Rugby Betting


The most popular form of rugby betting is match betting. Match betting simply means placing your stake on the team you expect to take the win. Since rugby is a high scoring game, it is very rare for matches to end in a draw. Consequently, some betting companies do not provide for a draw on their outcomes. But some do provide for draw and give them high odds since draws are least expected to occur. Handicap betting is also available especially if one of the teams is highly expected to win. This happens when a giant team plays novices or underdogs.

Individual Player Betting

Apart from match betting and handicap betting, you can also bet on individual players. You can bet on the first try scorer or on the player with the highest scores. this is especially the case for international matches, where certain players play a big role in winning the match. However, it can get tricky since your favorite player may sustain an injury that may force them off the pitch, or maybe left out of the first team altogether for whatever reason. Whichever the case, use due diligence when placing your bets to avoid heartbreaks and frustrations even before the match ends.

Popular Rugby Competitions

Rugby matches are all over. There is always a rugby tournament going on in one country or another. However, some popular rugby competitions include the Rugby World Cup and the Six Nations Championship. The Rugby World Cup is staged every 4 years, and sees some of the best action in the field. The Six Nations Championship is held every year and it features countries from the northern hemisphere. These countries are Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Wales. Other tough competitions feature Argentina, South Africa, and Newzealand. You won’t run out of options if you want to venture in rugby betting

In summary

Rugby betting is getting more interesting by the day. You can also join the action, hoping that no punch-ups will occur, and make your stake. You can bet on an individual player, or on the team you expect to win. Like any other betting activities, rugby betting relies on chance. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too confident and put all your savings on the England or Argentina tea – they too get beaten! Exercise responsible betting, and always start with small bets to avoid losing a fortune. Rugby betting is available in almost all big casinos, so you can sign up and place your bet.

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