Five Reasons Why You Should Think about Watching Rugby League

There are two types of rugby in this world and these are Rugby League and Rugby Union. Rugby League fans will tell you that it is better than Rugby Union, while fans of Rugby Union will obviously tell you otherwise. It is obviously a subjective topic and you are free to like whatever version of rugby you want, but below we are going to give you some reasons why you should consider watching Rugby League.


It Is Cheaper Than Football

Season tickets to go watch your local Rugby League team will cost you 60% less than what it would cost you to go and watch your local Premier League team. Many of us live on a tight budget nowadays, so it makes sense to save money where we can. Besides, who wants to spend over a thousand pounds a year watching grown men roll about the floor after they have had their ankle clipped? Yes, we are all looking at you, Neymar! All of the best games are usually on a Friday evening which is a great warm up for the weekend ahead.

It Is End to End Excitement

In other sports you will get periods of excitement and periods that are extremely dull, but this is not the case with Rugby League as there is end to end excitement for the whole match. This is because when a team receives the ball, they have six tackles to try and score – once they have been tackled for the sixth time, they have to hand possession back over to their opponents.

There Are No Collapsed Scrums

We think Rugby Union is a fantastic game too, but around 30 minutes of a Rugby Union match seems to be watching sixteen huge guys (8 from each team), drive into each other, fall down, get told to get up, and repeat the procedure again. It is something that irks many Rugby Union fans and many have been calling for a solution to it. There is no such issue in Rugby League as the scrums are uncontested. The ball is fed in, the team gets the ball, and play continues.


The Tackles Will Astound You

Everyone enjoys seeing big hits and these are provided in abundance in Rugby League. Okay, it probably cannot rival other sports such as American football for huge hits, but let us not forget that American football players wear an awful lot of padding, so they can afford to go in as hard as they can. You will not find any Rugby League players wearing padding, but they still put a lot of force into their tackles. The sight of watching a prop forward run as fast as he can down the field only to be stopped in his tracks by an opposition prop is compelling to watch. When you watch a game of Rugby League, or Rugby Union for that matter, you cannot help but admire how brave the players are.

Excellent Skills on Show

Rugby League is a simple game so there are no specialized skills required, as such. Therefore, the basic skills of rugby are at their highest level in Rugby League. The running lines, passing, intricate kicking game, planned plays, and offloads really are a joy to watch. When you watch a game of Rugby League, we are sure that you will be mesmerized by the skills that are on display. There will be times where you will be left wondering how on Earth a player pulled off such an amazing piece of skill.




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